FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Long is the Recall?
    • We have until 5 pm on April 15th to turn in the signatures.
    • After the petitions are turned in the City/County Clerks will count and verify the signatures.
    • Once verification is complete, a special election will be scheduled.
  2. How Many Signatures are required?
    • 9,475 is the minimum number of signatures required.
    • Our goal is 12,000
  3. Who Can sign the petitions?
    • Only Legal Residents of Camarillo.
    • You must live INSIDE Camarillo city limits and be REGISTERED TO VOTE.
  4. Will my name and address become public?
    • No. It is private. Even the recall movement cannot use or sell your personal information.
  5. What about the the names and addresses that were published in the newspaper?
    • There is a legal requirement for stating a petition. The initial Notice of Intent must be published in the newspaper along with the names of a minimum of 20 people that support the measure.
    • Once the measure has been approved for signature gathering, all future signatures gathered are private and protected.
  6. What’s the urgency? Why not wait until the next election?
    • We are just 1 vote away from Camarillo following the path of Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. In the November 2020 election Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay were actively supporting and campaigning for 2 activist members (Tiffany Lewis and Heather Schmidt) of the Democrat Club to join them on the city council. Had just one of those candidates been elected, they would have had a majority vote on the city council and had complete control to move their radical agenda forward without any significant opposition.  
    • These two are trying to turn a non-partisan position into a partisan position.
    • There are 5 City Council Members in Camarillo and 2 of them will be ending their terms soon leaving vacant seats to be taken by more Radicals.
  7. What will it cost to have a special election?
    • The city clerk estimates that the cost of a special election if borne only by the city of Camarillo would be $220,000. However, the Recall Newsom looks like it will be successful. They have already exceeded the minimum number of signatures required and still have time to gather more signatures. This recall would piggyback on that special election. Thus the cost of the Camarillo Special election would be greatly defrayed and borne by the Recall Newsom special election. 
  8. Does the police funding really take half the budget?
    • NO. The police expenditures are roughly $18 Million and consumes approximately 45% of the General Fund expenditures. The General Fund is a portion of the larger the annual budget for the city of Camarillo. The annual city budget is actually $136.2 million and the police expenditures only comprise roughly 13.2% of the total budget.
    • The actual Camarillo City budget can be viewed here.
  9. Has the police budget ever been reviewed?
    • YES, the Police budget is reviewed extensively every fiscal year.
    • It is true that the Camarillo Contract with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Agreement has not been reviewed until recently. That Agreement simply states that the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office will provide services for different levels i.e. beat cops, detectives, school resource officers, support staff for. All pricing, services, and training for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is set forth by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors NOT the Camarillo City Council
    • To re-allocate funds away from police services (AKA Defund the Police) is to eliminate patrol officers, detectives or school resource officers. The Camarillo City council has no control over the actual salary of the Ventura County Sheriffs or their policies.  Those are under the purview and jurisdiction of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.
  10. What’s wrong with funding Social Services?
    • Funding Social Services is a good thing. Social services are already being provided. The funding of social service issues are the responsibility of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors NOT the City Counsel. When a person is acting out, it is the responsibility of the police to be the first responders, assess a situation and safely detain those that need social services and transport them to a safe location where they can obtain services if they are not already getting them on their own. Many of our police officers have already received additional training in Crisis Intervention and have a CIT Credential. It is disingenuous when people say that our officers are not properly trained. Mentally ill people have access to mental health services and they make use of those services regularly. Generally, it is only when they stop using those services and they act out that it become a problem where law enforcement is involved. Defunding the police would not change the need for the Camarillo Police to respond to such calls . It would, however, change the resources our community has to service calls in unincorporated areas like the Camarillo Heights, University neighborhoods, the Las Posas Estates, and Santa Rosa Valley as well as Somis and other neighboring areas that rely upon our police department.
  11. I understand why we should recall Susan, but what has Shawn done?
    • Shawn Mulchay has been a “Me too” puppet for Susan Santangelo.  He permits her to take all of the hits while fully supporting her agenda.  On numerous occasions Shawn has said, “I agree with what Susan Santangelo has said 100%”. With full knowledge of the recall, Susan Santangelo’s racist statements, vitriol, crass statements, vulgarity, etc, Shawn Mulchay still thought that Susan Santangelo would be a great face for the city and nominated her to be the mayor of Camarillo a couple of months ago, December2020.
  12. Who is funding this recall?
    • This recall is truly a Grassroots movement! Local residents and volunteers of the recall movement are personally funding everything including recall filing fees, tents, banners, media, etc.
    • As members of this community, it is important to us to put “our money where our mouth is” and do what we can to ensure the safety of Camarillo for EVERYONE!
    • You too can donate to the recall!
  13. Is this group organized or led by Mike Morgan?
    • We get asked this a lot! Neither Mike Morgan, Charlotte Craven, or any of the other current City Council Members have ever been in the leadership of the Camarillo recall movement. While they may personally support the movement, they have never made decisions for the movement. The reality is that two independent individuals (Steve Sullivan and Bob Larson) each started their own recall efforts as a result of the actions and statements of the two named city council members. When they learned of each other’s recall efforts, they chose to combine to have an unified effort.
  14. I don’t live inside Camarillo City limits, what can I do to help?
    • People that live outside the city limits of Camarillo are greatly affected by the decisions that the Camarillo City Council makes. While those that live in unincorporated county areas like the Heights, the Las Posas Estates, University Glen, Santa Rosa Valley, or those that live in Somis may not sign the petition, there is still much that they can do. You do not need to live in the city limits to gather signatures, donate your time and money, or to campaign for the recall. Whatever you do, refuse to be shamed into silence! Do NOT believe that your voice does not matter. The two named in the recall and their followers support a “cancel culture” that likes to bully people into silence and deny people the right to free speech & the right to vote.
    • Donate to the cause.
    • Volunteer to work a booth by emailing us at camarillorecallvolunteer@gmail.com
    • Volunteer to help canvas for signatures by emailing us at camarillorecallvolunteer@gmail.com
    • Talk to your friends that reside in Camarillo and educate them about the recall.
  15. We have low crime in Camarillo, why do we need to keep funding so many police services?
    • There is a correlation between Camarillo’s low crime rate and the number of police officers that Camarillo has.  It is not a mistake or accident that Camarillo is a safe place to live.
  16. Who is the “Somis Dude”?
    • Steve Sullivan aka the “Somis Dude” as he’s now affectionately called got that title because the followers of Susan Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay tried to brand him as an outsider and shame him into silence. He does not live in Somis. He is a lifelong resident of Camarillo who now resides with his family in the Las Posas Estates (unincorporated county area of Camarillo) just a few blocks from Shawn’s father and stepmother. This was explained extensively to Brooke Stanley of the Camarillo Acorn. She chose to ignore the facts and list Steve Sullivan as a Somis resident instead of a resident of the Las Posas Estates. So the “Somis Dude” moniker was born. Steve Sullivan grew up in Camarillo moving to Marco Drive as a child in December 1969. He attended Dos Caminos, Los Altos and Camarillo Adofo Camarillo High School. Since that time Steve has lived off Temple Drive adjacent to where Spouts is now and used to deliver newspapers for the Camarillo Daily News. He has lived in two locations in Mission Oaks, as well as on Bedford Drive not far from the Bedford School and the Community Center. He also lived in the apartments on Lantana, in Rancho Thomas, and then purchased his first home by Las Posas School – he sold that home in 2019. He started the recall when he read Susan Santangelo’s racist comments that “ALL Whites are racists.” Steve says, “There is no reason that any elected official should harbor such racist sentiments.” Susan Santangelo has never denied making that and other racist comments.  She has only said that her racist comments were taken out of context or made a long time ago demonstrating that her racism is deep seeded. She should not be representative of the residents of Camarillo.
  17. What happens when I sign?
    • Your name and address are kept confidential.  The movement cannot use your information for marketing purposes.  Nor can any other group. The City and County Clerks are the only ones who will have access to your information.
    • The petitions will be submitted to the City Clerk who will verify the signatures and the quantity. This process may take 30 days.
    • Should we have over 9,475 qualified signatures, a recall election will be triggered. The city will have approximately 60 days to put together a special election. If there are other special elections like the Gavin Newsom Special election, the two special elections will be combined and the overall costs reduced and shared.
    • When the special election is triggered, Candidates will be able to file to run for election to replace the two candidates being recalled.
    • All candidates on the ballot will have an opportunity to campaign.
    • The ballot will have two questions:
      1. Do you wish to recall Camarillo City Council member Susan Santangelo (Y/N)?
      2. Do you wish to recall Camarillo City Council member Shawn Mulchay (Y/N)?
    • There will be a list of potential candidates that will follow those two questions.  It will say something to the effect: Please select two of the following candidates.
    • The two candidates with the most votes will be the Camarillo City Council members.  If both receive sufficient votes to recall then the top two vote getters will assume the seats vacated by Council Members Santangelo and Mulchay. Those elected will fill the seats for the balance of the term. If an insufficient number of votes are cast to vote in favor of the recall, Santangelo and Shawn Mulchay will retain their seats.
  18. I don’t live in either of their districts, can I still vote for the recall?
    • Yes! These two council members were elected “at large” therefore the recall is also held in this manner. This is the only time this will ever be able to happen this way!