Santangelo & Mulchay’s teams are scrambling to try and hide the fact that they do indeed want to defund (or reallocate funds away from) our local law enforcement.

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ll let Santangelo tell you herself!

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Susan Santangelo publicly supports Defunding our law enforcement

At the June 10, 2020 Camarillo City Council meeting, Councilmember Mulchay states he agrees with everything Susan Santangelo said.


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ActBlue event 2020

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Camarillo Decides to Make Electricity More Expensive During Pandemic

Susan Santangelo & Shawn Mulchay’s motion to support BLM & reallocate funds from Camarillo Police was voted down by votes from our 3 other City Council Members. Unfortunately, 2 of those members opposed to Santangelo & Mulchay’s motion will be ending their terms in the near future.

LULAC, Santangelo, & Mulchay

Cammarillo Community shows support for local Law Enforcement

Camarillo Comes Out to Support the Camarillo Police

Article by Acorn reporter Brooke Stanley regarding Recall Movement. Ms. Stanley incorrectly reported a lot of information. Next time, check your facts!

Second article by Acorn reporter Brooke Stanley with the same incorrect information. A month apart and she still hasn’t checked her facts.

Susan repeatedly chastises people for not wearing masks in public, tells people to stay home, and yet in the middle of the quarantine……